28th April 2014

Quite the contrary

hey guys. so i really hate typing all grammar-like unless its absolutely necessary. so dont always expect it. xD. anyway, im an avid attack on titan fan, fan fiction reader, (and trying to be a writer.) i also like sword art online, though my whole life isnt devoted to anime. i really like other things like reading novels and drawing and im into tons of books and stuff, and you’ll be surprised how many fanbases im a part of. (like harry potter for instance) if you have any questions, then just ask on my ‘ask’ part of my blog! you can be anonymous or not, i couldnt care less. say what you want xD. trollers dont affect me as well if you attempt to harass, or spam my tumblr with comments like go kill yourself you’re fat ugly you need to die. eh, im just making this since i basically have nothing to do so what you say wont affect my hobbies e.e THANKS AND ENJOY<><><><><> oh crap one more thing: im open to discussion about anything you might have in common! if you need someone to talk to if you’re bored, quite especially. my kik is: DNKbutterfly and i also have various other things to talk to with. we can talk about attack on titan, sword art online, anything we might have in common to talk about. alright thanks for good and as youve noticed i say xD a lot. c’;